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60 min

When was the last time you had a laugh attack?? When you are laughing so hard there’s no more sound coming out of your mouth, you can’t seem to catch your breath and you feel like you are  temporarily suspended in mid-air.  It’s a moment of complete euphoria!! Almost Friday, together with a professional Laughing Yoga coach, will prepare an amazing workshop for your team! Our coach became a laughter yoga leader in 2006 and since then is helping people from all walks of life live healthily and happily. She moved on to become a certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in 2017, trained by the founder himself, Dr. Madan Kataria. 

What is Laughter Yoga?

  • Did you know that Laughter Yoga is now practiced by the biggest and most successful companies and corporations, as it improves productivity of the employees, reduces stress and anxiety and helps to improve communication skills? This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Intentional laughter often turns into real and contagious laughter. The yoga part of Laughter is the combination of Laughter Exercises with yoga breathing techniques. 
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Why Online Laughter Yoga?

  • Improves ability to adopt a positive attitude regardless of circumstances.
  • Promotes appreciation and collaboration.
  • Improves immune system.
  • Prevention against anxiety and depression
  • Develops and improves communication skills.
  • Improves overall health.
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900 czk (35 €) per person
  • 60 min Workshop
  • Q&A
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