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Online Coaching Workshop

About Online Coaching Workshop


90 min

Coaching is a modern tool in psychology that helps to improve the well-being of employees and build strong relationships within the team.  It helps team members focus on interpersonal skills and interactions with each other, develops trust and understanding between colleagues. Almost Friday Events offers a variety of unique coaching workshops that will be key to the well-being of your employees and success of your business. Our coach is an Organizational Psychologist, Business Coach, Facilitator, Soft-Skills Trainer and Well-Being Consultant. All coaching sessions are available for individuals and teams.

How it works?

  • Fill out the registration form
  • We will contact you and discuss all details- date, location, number of participants
  • Together we choose the type of workshop that suits your needs/expectations
  • Once the event is confirmed, we will send you a questionnaire which helps the coach to identify the best way how to tackle your request

Here are the workshops that we offer:

  • Values
    The coach session is designed to unveil both personal and team values and share them with the team. The main goal for teammates is to collaborate and unite for teamwork.
  • Thanksgiving
    The coach session is designed to assist team members focus on positive moments in their co-working. The main goal is to remind that they are surrounded by people, not just colleagues, and support the demonstration of care.
  • Manifest
    This session is designed to create the manifestation of the team values. The main goal is to support teamwork in creating a unique piece of art that is filled with the team values and present it online.
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2350 czk (96 €) per person
  • 90-120 min session on the above mentioned topics
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4400 czk (180 €) per person
  • 2 x 90-120 min sessions on the above mentioned topics
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(upon request)
  • Long-term team wellbeing support
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