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About Online Interactive Tour of Prague


60-90 min

Join us for the online tour of magical and mysterious Prague! The history of Pague is rich and full of strong personalities, beautiful art, impressive architecture but also a bloody past, with shady characters and dark secrets. 

Join our online tour with your team now and and see how history can be fun, engaging and entertaining!

Tours we recommend: 

  • The Nightwatchman of Prague
    Join the Nightwatchman in our virtual tour and enter the town of Prague of the 17th Century. We have shot a movie during the times of quarantine and explored the abandoned city and comment everything live we see. In our video through screen sharing we follow the Nightwatchman from the old Powder Gate through a charming old place, but also by wars and plague shaken city, until the river Vltava and the Charles Bridge. We explore the duties of the night watchmen protecting the city from fire, purse-cuts and cut-throats, the shady characters and thieves of the medieval times.

  • The Plague Doctor of Prague
    Step back into time and virtually experience the empty streets of Prague during the Black Death and plagues of the 17th and 18th centuries. Through video, we’ll follow the footsteps of Dr. Alexander Schamsky, an unknown Czech hero who fought the plague in 1713. In the empty old town of Prague you’ll immerse yourself in the forgotten history of the pneumonic and bubonic plagues. Our recorded video has no audio as we comment everything live we see. The movie was shot with a professional movie camera during times of quarantine and shows the abandoned old town. A map is included to track our journey.

Standard Tour

650 czk (27€) per person
  • Minimum group of 10 people
  • 1.5 hour time virtual travel with your Nightwatchman
  • Professional Guide in historical dress
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