Online Cacao Ceremony

Online Cacao Ceremony

About Online Cacao Ceremony


90 min

Enjoy our beautiful Online Cacao Ceremony with your teammates. Ceremonial cacao is a beautiful catalyst for clarity and inspiration. It can be used for various spiritual, creative and health purposes. Ceremonial cacao can connect us to the present moment, those around us and visions beyond us. The ceremony is facilitated by a personal coach and teacher.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

  • Cacao has a long and ancient history in MesoAmerican cultures. Civilizations such as the Aztecs and Mayans had a sacred relationship with cacao. They used cacao in rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, and even sacrifices. Nowadays, Ceremonial Cacao is used by people all over the world who care about their health and energetic potential. The processing of sacred cacao is very different from the traditional chocolate industry. Ceremonial cacao comes from smallholder organic farms and everything from the growing to fermentation to transport is done with the utmost care.
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Why the Cacao Ceremony? 

  • Choosing this event for your team is a great idea if you want to develop trust between your team members and create a safe space where everyone can feel safe and accepted. Moreover, cacao enhances clarity and creativity. The ceremony will open with a calming meditation. During the ceremony, our host will tell you about the history of cacao, talk about its effects on body and mind and teach  you how to make a perfect cup of cacao! Depending on your request, Stephanie will prepare some questions you will be discussing with your teammates. 
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2350 czk (95€) per person
  • 250g of pure ceremonial grade cacao
  • Dried herbs (rose and calendula) to make a tea and mix with cacao
  • Your own mug made by artist from Spain
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Behind The Scenes of Online Cacao Ceremony

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