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60 min

Dive into the amazing Japanese cultural  experience by participating in our matcha tea ceremony. Step inside the mysterious and refined world of Japan’s beloved drink. Experience a tea ceremony, get quality matcha, sweets and utensils straight from Japan and try making your own bowl of tea guided by a  professional tea ceremony Teacher. This team building is a great way to help your team members to relax, try something exotic and feel themselves in the present moment. 

What is Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony?

  • A Japanese Tea Ceremony is a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea – the art of which is called (o)temae. Your host will perform a Tea Ceremony, introduce you to the world of Matcha and instruct you on how to prepare the perfect bowl of tea. Zen Buddhism was a primary influence in the development of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Touching upon Zen, there is a lot more to the Tea Ceremony than meets the eye. The ceremony is facilitated by the owner of a Tea House in Japan, Kyoto and a professional Tea Ceremony Master. She will take you on a cultural and traditional journey throughout the centuries of Tea Ceremonies
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Why Online Tea Ceremony? 

  • Learn how tea is really done by top Japanese Tea masters
  • It is about peace, respect to traditions and Japanese culture 
  • Calm your busy mind and feel yourself in the moment here and now
  • Spend some time with your colleagues and develop mutual trust 
  • Feel how your entire body is energized and activated. Matcha is a healthier version of coffee. Try and see if it works for you. 
  • Experience tradition backdating centuries
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2200 czk (90€) per person
  • Quality Matcha
  • Tea whisk
  • Tea spoon
  • Sweets
  • Tea Ceremony with professional Tea master
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3300 czk (135 €) per person
  • Quality Matcha
  • Professional tea whisk (from a master craftsman)
  • Professional tea spoon
  • Seasonal Tea Bowl
  • Sweets
  • Small gift
  • Tea Ceremony with professional Tea master
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Behind The Scenes

Virtual Matcha Tea Ceremony
Online Tea Ceremony
Online Matcha Tea Ceremony
Virtual Tea Ceremony
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