Employee Happiness Program

Employee Happiness Program

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About Employee Happiness Program


6 weeks

Employee Happiness Program comprises elements of coaching, team buildings and workshops to facilitate employee happiness and performance. It’s suitable for both small and large companies as the program will be adjusted based on needs of each team. 

How it works?

  • Fill out the registration form and tell us more about your team
  • Each team member has to fill out a questionnaire that will detect needs of a team
  • Receive a customized schedule of events and activities for the next 6 weeks
  • Confirm dates and time of the scheduled events
  • Improve the wellbeing and engagement of your team! 

This program can be organized offline/online or hybrid – based on where you team members are located.

EHP includes

1)Webinar: Personal Well-being Plan: how to self-assess your well-being and create an action plan for its improvement

2)Webinar: 90 min of Mindfulness: a practical guide to mindful living

3)Laughter Yoga

4)Pub Quiz/Cooking Lesson

5)Mindfulness Meditation

6)Aroma Therapy/Cacao Ceremony/ Matcha Tea Ceremony

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